October 27, 2020


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Magento Commerce Module - Archive Orders

Archive your Magento sales orders in the community edition of Magento, just like in the Enterprise version. To top it off, the sales order grid and archive grid also have SKU's and Products added to the grid and Billing Name also contains the company billing name and is filterable by company name. We've also added postcode and customer email to the sales order grid for ease of filtering.

Will automatically archive orders older than a selected date in your System > Configuration.

accept Coded to Magento best practices
accept Single payment, single server license
accept None encrypted, open source coding
accept Bug fixing support if required during installation
Single Overwrite of Sales_Order_Grid, possible conflicts with other extensions that overwrite the same file.

Compatible with versions

Community EditionProfessional EditionEnterprise Edition
accept - 1.9x accept 1.8x - 1.11x Not Required in Enterprise




SUPEE 6285 & SUPEE 6788 Compatible  (Updated 2016)

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Magento Commerce Module - EU Cookie Law

We have utilised the Silktide cookie consent javascript to bring you a FREE Magento module that will allow you to have the Silktide cookie consent javascript on your website.

Benefits of using the Silktide javascript:
Allows cookie consent for just your website
Allows cookie consent for all websites using the Silktide javascript 
Easily customisable for Analytics, Social and Advertising to prevent the javascript being activated until the customer has consented to it

More Information on the javascript can be found here http://silktide.com/cookieconsent

This module overwrites the Google Analytics Html function, so if your using Google Analytics Plus, you will want to change the Ga.php file within GA Plus.

Compatible with versions

Community EditionProfessional EditionEnterprise Edition
accept 1.3x - 1.7x accept 1.8x - 1.11x accept 1.7x - 1.12x




FREE Download Now (V.4.0) - Updated 18:00 GMT 31/5/2012

Version 2 allows you to control position of the banner, position of the privacy settings, theme and if you would like customers to accept social and advertising cookies. 
Vesion 3 fixes issues with Internet Explorer 
Version 4.0 js, css updated 

Mini How To

Changing your javascript to that is used for advertising or social links to the following at the start

<script type="text/plain" class="cc-onconsent-social">

Or if you wish to have a placeholder to show until cookies are enabled, then use the following. This block will then be hidden once cookies have been accepted.

<div class="cc-placeholder-social">
	In order to see this widget, you must first accept social cookies.
	<a href="#" class="cc-button-enableall"> Click here to enable all cookies on this website. </a> </div>

More Information on how to update your social and advertising codes can be found at the following on silktide http://silktide.com/cookieconsent/documentation/code-examples 

Module is supplied as is.

Magento Commerce Module - Delete Invoices & Credit Memos

It's finally here. The ability for you to delete ALL of your invoices or ALL of your credit memos on a particular order in Magento Commerce, without having to delete the entire order and start again.

Supports Magento CE 1.3x - 1.6x and Tested On Magento Enterprise


Delete Invoices / Credit Memos - Magento

Magento Commerce Module - Convert Guest Customer To Registered Customer

Convert those customers who checked out as a guest to a registered customer. Either convert en mass or convert individually. If a customer is registered already and you wish to associate an old order, you can merge them to an existing customer account. All based around the customer email used to checkout, allowing you to merge multiple orders from the same customer under the same user customer account (as long as they have not changed their email address).



Convert Guest Customers To Registered Customers

Magento Commerce Module- Quick Price Update With Tier Pricing

Creative Media is pleased to say that we have put our Magento Commerce Quick Price Update with Tier Pricing

Magento Quick Price

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