December 01, 2020



Magento Commerce Module - Convert Guest Customer To Registered Customer / Merge Existing Customers

Convert those customers who checked out as a guest to a registered customer. Either convert en mass or convert individually. If a customer is registered already and you wish to associate an old order, you can merge them to an existing customer account. All based around the customer email used to checkout, allowing you to merge multiple orders from the same customer under the same user customer account (as long as they have not changed their email address).

Current Features:

Convert Customers Manually In The Admin -
Select Customer(s) on the grid, select which customer group you would like to associate them to and press submit.

Create An Account Button Visible On The Checkout Success Page -
A create account button appears on the checkout success page (Can be turned off in the admin)

Merge Exisitng Customer Accounts Together -
Ability to merge existing customer accounts into a single account from the Manage Customer admin page. (Select the e-mail address that you would like to merge the accounts to)

Automatically Create Registered Accounts for Guest Checkout -
Turning on this will create an account for every guest checkout or link orders to existing accounts (Based on e-mail address)

Convert Existing Guest Orders to Registered Customers -
Automatically scan through old orders by a cronjob, scanning through orders that checked out as "Guest", either creating new accounts for the orders or linking the order to an existing account. A file is supplied to allow you to run this event manually to speed up the process.

Use Most Recent Shipping Address -
When merging a guest customer order with an existing customer account, this setting will take the most recent shipping address and update the default shipping address in the customer address book.


Downloadable Products
Newsletter Subscriptions
Merging EE Reward Points
Adding Latest Shipping Address To Customer Address Book (Overwrites old address shipping address)
Customer Date of Birth
Manually activating Mass Convert
Enabling / Disabling New Account E-mails
Password Generation 

When a new customer account is created, it will transfer the name, date of birth, company, billing address, fax, telephone number, customer group, e-mail address and associated website.

Customer is e-mailed with the stores default welcome e-mail and randomly generated password.

Save time and make your customers happy.


English - en_US
French - fr_FR (Thanks to Yannick Chotard)

accept Coded to Magento best practices
accept Single payment, single server license

accept No Core Overwrites
accept None encrypted, open source coding
accept Bug fixing support if required during installation

Compatible with versions

Community EditionProfessional EditionEnterprise Edition
accept - 1.9x accept 1.8x - 1.11x accept 1.7x - 1.14x


SUPEE 6285 UPDATE - Compatibility

Add the following to the AdminController.php if your module gives Access Denied when trying to access the menu.

protected function _isAllowed()
return Mage::getSingleton('admin/session')->isAllowed('customer/guesttoreg');

CURRENT RELEASE 5.0.0 - SUPEE 6285 & SUPEE 6788 Compatible

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