October 25, 2020


Thinking Magento

Magento Commerce Module - Delete Invoices, Shipments & Credit Memos

Delete ALL the invoices or an INDIVIDUAL invoice / shipment or delete ALL of the credit memos on an order. Helpful for when you make a mistake on an order. Now with the ability to delete an order aswell as restore a deleted order.

Adds buttons to orders page, invoice page, shipment page and also the credit memo page.

- Turn off the buttons in your admin
- Turn on or off the comment of which user deleted the item from the database
- Delete individual Shipment or Invoice
- Delete All Invoices / Shipments / Creditmemos associated with a single order
- Buttons disable if you are unable to use them 
- If the order is pending / pending payment, you will be able to edit the order
- Reset order button - deletes ALL creditmemos, invoices and shipments on an order and resets it back to pending payment
- Buttons disabled if there is nothing to delete
- Give access to the delete button based on a users role
- Delete an entire order
- Restore a deleted order from a quote 
- *(New) Edit Customer E-mail Address 

accept Coded to Magento best practices
accept Single payment, single server license
accept None encrypted, open source coding
accept Bug fixing support if required during installation

Compatible with versions

Community EditionProfessional EditionEnterprise Edition
accept 1.3x - 1.9x accept 1.8x - 1.11x accept 1.7x - 1.14x


It is always recommended that you backup your database before removing records.

CURRENT RELEASE 8.0.8 (SUPEE 6788 Compatible)

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