October 27, 2020


Thinking Magento

Magento 2 - The Elephant We Try To Ignore

To this day, we still can't get our heads around the choice to develop an entirely different, more complicated version of Magento and we have been trying to keep an open mind.

But it's there, this great big elephant standing just a few feet away from us, telling us that we should either jump on or be trampled on.

We've been onboard with Magento since the very very early days of 07 / 08.

The great versions stand out to me as the stable ones (Once you tweaked them),, & 

From 1.3 to 1.4 it was a great leap and caused many headaches as the database structure for sales orders took on a whole new structure. As a live database took 8 hours to very very slowly migrate all the sales data into the new 1.4 tables.

On a personal level, these migrations took their toll, until you find the corner stone versions of Magento that you're happy with and then everyone in the client list gets an update to that rock of a version.

The learning curve is much much much much smaller these days for Magento 1. A mistake can be fixed pretty quickly and it's only the patches that sometimes cause the headaches, but for the most part they are stable.


Magento 2, we're not prepared to go in on the ground level this time around. We're not as young as we once were and the overheads are much much greater, we now have families and we're still not convinced it's what's needed to survive.

A lot of opinion pieces we've read are all about scaring people into jumping to Magento 2, the security is what you'll see written down regularly.
But these people don't seem to understand it was the community that helped develop and bug find Magento 1 into the fine piece it is today. It is regular human beings who are out there bug finding and figuring out patches. That doesn't just end when there is a community behind you. (Some of that community did get lost in the archives of the old forum)

We say that Magento 1 shouldn't just roll over and play dead. An MS Excel / Word or Photoshop user is never forced to give up their skill base because the program has been redeveloped so that they can no longer use it and must find alternative software. (Some will say, apples / pears), but is it? You can class yourself as an experienced photoshop user and quickly perform bread and butter jobs to financially keep you going. But now, as Magento Developers we are told it's either do or die. Is that what is left of the community?

As for the elephant, perhaps it will change course before it tramples us to death.

-- forum member elfling --