October 27, 2020


Buy A Beer

Welcome to the Buy a Beer page!
If you feel that Creative Media Group have helped you with your website and you would like to say thank you with a beer, you can do so below.

Just enter in the amount that you would like to donate and click submit and Paypal will handle the rest. You won’t be getting anything in return, except for our gratitude!

Many Thanks!

Your Donation Will Go To Good Use

£5.00 – A proper British pint and a bag of peanuts
£8.50 – A large bottle of hard cider
£10 – A bottle of wine – if it's on promotion
£15 – A round of beers and a bag of peanuts
£25 – Scotchy Scotch Scotch
£50 – Beer, pizza and wings to share out
£65 – 2 bottles of Scotch and a miniature
£75 – An evening of drinking shots (ooo errr mrs)
£100 – An evening of dinner and drinks, maybe even a curry
£250 – A ballpen with slide to allow for some light hearted stress relief from Magento 

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