October 27, 2020



Terms & Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions are entered into between Creative Media Marketing Ltd. and the CLIENT. The CLIENT is any legal person or company or entity who contracts for services from Creative Media Marketing Ltd..

Creative Media Marketing Ltd.  will use reasonable endeavours to meet the agreed needs of the CLIENT but by reasons of FORCE MAJEURE previously existing software or hardware or other situations or elements including without limitation malware viruses or coding that Creative Media Marketing Ltd.  is unaware of it may be impossible within those endeavours to fix change or adapt the systems to adequately meet the CLIENT’S expectations.  Creative Media Marketing Ltd.  does not guarantee work and all work is carried out within these general terms and conditions.

CLIENT obligations are as follows:

CLIENT should promptly pay all bills and invoices as they fall due. Late invoices will be charged at 5% (Five Per Cent) over local bank rate if more than one month late on the due date.

If CLIENT is unable or unwilling to pay invoices redress will be sought and credit check companies will be informed.

CLIENT should furnish Creative Media Marketing Ltd. with all relevant information in reference to the services required as incomplete information may be detrimental to solving CLIENT needs. Creative Media Marketing Ltd.  is not required to actively seek this information.

CLIENT should refrain from harassing, physically threatening or abusing Creative Media Marketing Ltd.  or their employees and representatives or face the sanction of the laws of England and Wales which can include fines and imprisonment.

CLIENT should not:

  • Introduce, by any means, malicious or codes intended to interrupt, destroy or limit the functioning of any user or any other CLIENT of Creative Media Marketing Ltd..
  • Use any techniques of reverse engineering and(or to decompile or to decode or use any other system to find Creative Media Marketing Ltd.’s coding, or any other element protected under intellectual property rights.
  • Carry out actions that may harm, disable, overburden or impair Creative Media Marketing Ltd.’s website or intellectual property.

No Consequential Loss

Creative Media Marketing Ltd. is liable only for the extent of its fees or £100 Sterling (One Hundred Pounds) whichever is the smaller on all counts and shall not be liable for lost profits consequential losses or any other loss whatsoever.

Governing Law

All parties agree to the primacy of the laws of England and Wales and will be governed by such and all claims to be submitted to the small claims courtsof England and Wales to the maximum of the aforesaid £100.