October 18, 2021



Magento Commerce Module - Stock and Price Alerts Report

Find out which products your customers want to see a drop in price or which products your customers wish to see come back into stock. Works with the Magento native catalogue price and stock alerts that can be switched on in the admin.

Get control of your restocking levels or promotions with this module by seeing your products through your customers eyes.

Receive a weekly update by e-mail. The e-mail will contain product name, product sku, requests for the week and total requests for the product.


- Lists how many people have requested an update per product.
- Filters out the notifications that have already been sent to customers informing of changes.
- Displays when the first and last customer requested an update in either stock or price.
- Displays Min and Max price of the product when the price alerts were subscribed to.
- Sort the reports by either Name, Sku or Requested Quantity.
- Filter price alerts by website
- Results are always up to date without needing a refresh
- Two menus in the admin under "Reports" 
- Enable a weekly update e-mai. Sending requests for the last 7 days.
- Send the weekly e-mail to multiple e-mail address
- E-mail sends every Sunday
- Configuration for the e-mail in the admin

accept Coded to Magento best practices
accept Single payment, single server license
accept None encrypted, open source coding
accept Bug fixing support if required during installation
accept No Core Overwrites

Compatible with versions the following versions of Magento Commerce

Community EditionProfessional EditionEnterprise Edition
accept - 1.7x accept 1.9x - 1.11x accept 1.6x - 1.13x




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